Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Exercise Routine

I recently came across a forum topic asking about exercise thresholds and how much others who are ill could manage.  The members of the forum have various illnesses and levels of severity, so this was a perfectly good question.  The person who posted the question shared the number of sets of various exercises such as pushups that he was able to handle.

I use a lot of humor to cope with my illness, so I could not help myself and posted the following response:
My exercise threshold is pretty low.  Just standing up for a little bit or doing something as simple as brushing my teeth puts my heart rate over my anaerobic threshold.  I wear my heart rate monitor all day.
So, pretty much just for kicks, here is my exercise routine:
- 4 sets of pulling myself out of bed
- 12 sets of opening the refrigerator
- 8 sets of lifting the water jug to pour myself a glass of water
- 1-2 sets of opening childproof medication bottle
- undisclosed number of sets walking to the bathroom
- 2 sets of brushing my teeth
- 12 sets of walking to the kitchen
- 4 sets of eating
- 1 set of showering (on a good day)
Obviously with the various degrees of these types of illnesses, one person may able to do a decent amount of carefully paced exercise while others cannot do any. While we don't want to become deconditioned, we can only do what our bodies allow.  In my case, the list above is all I can generally manage these days without causing a crash.

I am sure we have all been asked what we do for exercise by at least one doctor who thinks exercise is the cure-all for all that ails us. How do you answer the question?


  1. I just say I walk. Which is true. Because, like you, I walk back and forth to the bathroom and the kitchen - and on a good day I walk in the grocery store!

  2. I just posted the above but forgot to say I am enjoying your blog. I especially liked this entry about exercise. After dinner tonight I was thinking about how eating very much raises my heart rate - so I loved seeing "4 sets of eating" under Cardio!
    Thank you!